Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Learning Chinese

RM 600 - 2 Days

(normal price RM 1, 200)

Course outline:

1. Introduction of Chinese language

How many people speak and learning it nowdays, how many years’ history it has, how many words, and most importantly logic in Chinese language. This ranges from Chinese counting system to find relevance of certain word by looking at it.

2. How to read Chinese

Chinese use special transcript called PinYin to teach how to read. This is invented by English Missioner around 1790. It uses 26 English letters and some German letters.

For example, Bao, Gao, Chen, Le, Shanghai, Beijing…

Also teach how to remember them. For Malay speakers, it is good to imitate sounds of Chinese to some Malay words. For example, Bang zhu = help, and Bang is like “A bang”, a brother in Malay. Mother is Mama in Chinese. Kawan is Friend in Malay, Wan means End in Chinese.

3. Chinese Numbering system

It is most logical in the world. If you know how to count from 1-10, then you will know how count up to Million very easily.

4. Chinese stroke order

There are steps to write every Chinese words, we call it stoke order. If you follow this order, you can write pretty Chinese words.

5. Teach some simple conversational words like

You, me, he, she, go, sit, speak, name, greetings, I have something, I want this and that (food or drink)